Saturday, August 3, 2019

July 2019 Summary

A very hot and dry July

Although it wasn’t the hottest month ever (as has been reported for the global temperature), locally it was still over 2 degrees higher than average making the hottest month since July of 2012.  It was also the first above average month we have seen this year, as well the 9 days over 30°C was well above the average of only 3.5 days.

July was very dry with only 39.8 mm of rain which is less than half the average of 98.6 mm.  It also wasn’t spread out very well with over half of the total coming on the 17th, leaving only a little bit more to be spread over the rest of the month.

This dry month brought the total precipitation for the year of 526.6 mm back down closer the average of 509.0 mm.

Summary for July 2019:
Maximum Temperature 33.3°C
Minimum Temperature 10.4°C
Average Daily High Temperature 28.7°C (Long term average 26.0°C)
Average Daily Low Temperature 15.8°C (Long term average 14.0°C)
Total Precipitation 39.8 mm (Long term average 98.6 mm)

(Long term averages based on 1981-2010 data for the Waterloo-Wellington Airport)