Friday, October 16, 2009

Coldest daytime high in 6 months

The high temperature on the 15th was only 3.4°C, that was the coldest high temperature since April 7th when it was -1.5°C.

Monday, October 12, 2009

No doubt about that one

Sometimes the first frost day just kind of skirts below zero for a few 15 minute readings. But this time with the temperature below zero for a good 11 hours starting on the night of the 11th there is little doubt that our frost free season is over.

Historically the first frost day in the area usually happens around October 1st, so we are a bit later than average. Looking at the forecast it looks like there are going to be some more cold night coming up.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

September 2009 Summary

A hot and dry September

This was a month with two distinctly different parts; the first two thirds had slightly above average temperatures and a lot of sun (on the temperature graph you can see the large diurnal swing indicative of clear skies). During the last third of September the clouds came and the temperature generally went off a cliff (on the graph there is a lot more consistency in the daytime and nightime temperatures). Overall it was about a degree above average which is the highest for any month of this year.

Up until the last week of September it looked like it might have been an historically dry month, as there was no significant precipitation for the first 20 days. But then the wettest day of year came along (30.2 mm on the 28th) and although the total was still below average, it was no longer historically low.

This dry month brought the total precipitation for the year (700.3 mm) very close to the average (683.5 mm).

Summary for September 2009:
Maximum Temperature 24.7 °C
Minimum Temperature 1.9 °C
Average Daily High Temperature 21.0 °C (Long term average 20.0 °C)
Average Daily Low Temperature 9.6 °C (Long term average 8.3 °C)
Total Precipitation 51.4 mm (Long term average 87.5 mm)

(Long term averages based on 1971-2000 data for the Waterloo Wellington Airport)

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Instant Fall

I saw the expression "Instant Fall" used on a weather blog from the US and think it encapsulates perfectly the turn in the weather over the last week.