Friday, July 11, 2008

Record Rainfall

On the morning of July 11th between 3 and 9 am we recorded 78.0 mm of precipitation at the University of Waterloo Weather Station. This is the highest one day total we have seen in the 10 year history of the weather station (beating the 59.2 mm on July 16th, 2005).

This is now the highest one day precipitation since July 7, 1991 when 82.0 mm was recorded at the Waterloo-Wellington Airport. The wettest day since 1970 was 89.8 mm on July 15, 1985.

The average monthly precipitation for July is only 92.9 mm and this morning we got more precipitation than we did in March, April, or May.

Looking at the GRCA gauges you can see that there was only a narrow path of really heavy precipitation with Laurel Creek getting 66.8 mm but Cambridge, Woolwich, and Conestogo only receiving around 27 mm. While Guelph only recorded 7.6 mm.

(if you can't read the numbers above, here is a clearer view)

As I biked by Silver Lake this morning the boardwalk was flooded and you could not see the weir structure at the end of the lake.

Silver Lake outlet at 9:30 am, July 11th:

Silver Lake outlet at 12:30 pm, July 11th:

Silver Lake outlet at 9:00 am, July 14th (just to show what it usually looks like):


Anonymous said...

"(beating the 59.2 mm on July 16th)"

What year was that record from?

Frank said...

My bad, the 59.2 mm was in 2005.

I have now updated the blog entry.

Anonymous said...

Torrential! The ducks were swimming their way across the bend by Keats Way and University Ave. W.

mike said...

CKCO broadcasted a video of a water rescue from that morning in Kitchener. A small boy that got caught in the flash flood.

red said...
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brook said...

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red said...
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