Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Wet Weekend

In the end, most of the rain from the remnants of hurricane Ike went to the north of Waterloo.

As evidenced by the GRCA rain gauge at Dundalk which measured almost 90 mm for the weekend.

But for us, Saturday was when we saw most of the weekend's rain.

Here were the 6 hour totals:

Sat Noon-6 pm: 8.6 mm
Sat 6pm-Midnight: 19.4 mm
Sun Midnight-6am: 6.2 mm
Sun 6am-Noon: 0.4 mm
Sun Noon-6pm: 1.6 mm
Sun 6pm-Midnight: 9.4 mm
Mon Midnight-6am: 0.4 mm

Total since noon on Saturday: 46.0 mm


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, I don't need to wash my car anymore :->, plus the rain will wash away some of my seasonal allergies! Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

Geekwad said...

How much rain to do we have to get, and how quickly, for problems to start happening along the Grand? How about along Laurel Creek? Seems like Hillside Park has been washed out a few times this year.

Frank said...

The question about flooding on Laurel Creek would be something for the Grand River Conservation Authority to answer:

You would have to ask them.

Geekwad said...

Thanks!! Great link.

Geekwad said...

There is a dam and a reservoir at Laurel Creek Conservation Area. It is used to buffer rainfall so Laurel Creek never has to transport more water than it can handle.

Except, apparently the GRCA reservoirs have reached capacity at some time in the past, and when that happens the flow can no longer be restrained lest the dam burst. I think GRCA received forceful email questions along these lines, and the resulting correspondence (after perhaps too little editing) shows up as a FAQ page here:

It's amusing when the FAQ asker and answerer start to become combative with each other.