Monday, October 24, 2011

Longest frost free season ever seen

On the morning of October 23rd at 4:45 am the temperature went below zero for the first time since the spring.  It stayed below zero for almost 4 hours with the lowest temperature being -0.9°C.

The bigger news is that by my calculations the frost free season went from May 1st to October 22nd this year which is a total of 175 days.  This is the longest frost free season I have been able to find since records began in the region in 1915.  This year just beat out 1941 when they had a stretch of 174 days above zero. 

For full disclosure I just want to mention that there isn't enough data for 1937 and 1938 to be included in the analysis.

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Randy said...

Maybe not the official frost day, but there was frost on the roofs in the Queensmount area in the morning of the cold night we had back a couple of weeks ago.