Monday, February 15, 2010

Very average temperatures and a dry start to the month

The last time we had a daily high temperature that was more than 5 degrees off the average (either above or below) was back on January 29th.

Since then we have seen relatively steady daily high temperatures.

By the way, this doesn't hold true for the daily low temperature where it has been both 5 degrees above and below the average a few times since the beginning of February.

For the first half of February there has only been 5.5 mm of precipitation, the record low for the month is 10.8 mm.

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Kuhny said...

Hi Frank - anything but average here in Vancouver (I'm forecasting here for the 2010 Winter Olympics). I've seen readings consistently in the 8 to 16 C range since arriving here Groundhog day, with no change in sight. Maximum temperatures in the venues have often been nudging 10 C the last couple of days, as the El-Nino enhanced April-like pattern continues out here on the west coast.