Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Flat line temperature

I can't remember a week like this one, since Monday afternoon the temperature has been between +1°C and -1°C.

The temperature graph is pretty much just a flat line.

And looking at the forecast we might not break out of this cycle till Saturday.


James said...

o wow, waterloo weather has been crazy this month haha

Anonymous said...

When are you going to fix wind speed? The weather station wind speed is practically zero!

Google clearly indicates a 1608 km/h south wind.

Since Google couldn't screw up something like this, it's gotta be you guys, right?

(Google's actually been like that for a few days now - I wonder how long until they notice - ha ha)

Different Anon said...

Ah but its negative wind according to Google. Therefore, its practically zero.

Frank said...

I don't know if the problem would be Google or wherever they are getting the data (just want to emphasize that the data for that gadget isn't coming from us).