Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend snow

We recorded about 18 cm of snow over the weekend at the UW weather station.

I hope everybody was able to find their shovels this morning.


Kuhny said...

Frank - in Kitchener (Stanley Park), I measured about 3 cm Saturday night into Sunday morning (on the tail end of Saturday's rainstorm) then another 6 cm from the lake Some of the computer models were quite good at forecasting noticeably more snow for Waterloo and North, with less snow through Kitchener and Cambridge. I was quite impressed!

johnwilson said...

What on earth has happened to precip measurements at K-W airport??? They're always round off to a half-millimetre -- and there's not even a whiff of a rain-snow split. I keep records, and it's driving me nuts.

jon said...

And this coming just barely two weeks after near-20 C temperatures!