Monday, April 13, 2009

Might it finally happen?

There is a forecasted high of 18°C for this Friday.

That is tantalizingly close to hitting the 20°C needed to win the weather station contest.

But remember this forecast was made on Monday morning and these 5 day forecasts can change quite a bit


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it would be nice if it did, but I feel we might have to wait a little longer.

Anonymous said...

Forcast is now calling for a high of 19 on Saturday now

kuhny said...

Latest analyses are giving highs of 19 C in Minnesota today. The airmass there should be over us on Friday, where guidance continues to suggest 18 to 19 C. Saturday is a tricky the timing of a cold front going through is a big question. We could get 20 C if we stay in the warm air long enough..or also get stuck with only 10 C if the front is faster.

Anonymous said... looks like Friday is our best bet for the moment - Saturday is down to 12 now. Still, we can hope.

Kuhny said...

I'm updating the forecasts now, and the latest guidance (from today's computer model runs) have slowed down Saturday's cold front until late in the day. Result = a shot at 20 C! Yippee!!!!

Anonymous said...

When did it hit 20 in the past 2 years?

Frank said...

First 20 degree day:

2007 March 26 3:15 pm
2008 April 17 4:00 pm

It could be the exact same day this year as last.

By the way, all the past dates can be seen on the contest page.

Snaveed said...

A mix of sun and cloud

High: 21°C
Low: 4°C

Kuhny said...

Latest guidance keeps Kitchener-Waterloo at a high of 21 C this afternoon. Enjoy!