Monday, June 28, 2010

1 step forward, 2 steps back

The updates and rewiring weren't 100% successful, sorry but I am going to have to take off the pressure again until we figure out what is happening with it.


Anonymous said...

Any word on whether the precipitation readings will stabilize at some point? Last night (Sunday, July 12) we received rain, but nothing was recorded on the website. This morning, there were readings listed for the 24-hour and 1-hour data at 10.45am EDT, but they DISAPPEARED at 11.00am EDT. To me, precipitation and temperature data are the most important things you offer on your website. How can I plan my day outdoors if I don't know how much precipitation Waterloo is getting (and no, I don't consider the Waterloo Regional Airport that is over 20 km away as reliable data, not to mention they don't publish their precipitation data until the next day, anyway)?

Frank said...

The precipitation readings are actually quite stable now. We still don't have the tipping bucket back up, but the GEONOR has been working well since the end of June.

Although there was some rain in the area on the evening of Sunday, July, 12th the radar shows that it missed northern Waterloo (I was out of town so I don't have first hand information).

The reason the precip DISAPPEARED at 11:00 am was that we updated the program at the station at 10:49 am and it takes a 15 min cycle for the program to get the readings stabilized. It was back up by 11:15 am.

Wayne Bell said...

Does the Precipitation (Tipping Bucket) work on the site?

Also, I'm not sure how to read the GeoNor.

Frank said...

The tipping bucket isn't working at the moment.

Here is advice on how to read the GEONOR:

Anonymous said...

I am just over 2 kilometers away, as the crow flies, from the UW Weather Station--and it did rain Sunday night here, because I had a visitor leaving just as it began raining. It wasn't much, and it didn't last long, but it did.

As for stability of the GEONOR, on July 9, the precipitation said something like 30 mm at one point in the morning and then about an hour later it went down to the 20s, although there hadn't been any precipitation the day before. I didn't note specifics at the time of this happening, or other times I have seen weird stuff on the precipitation readings, but it does happen much more frequently than before the issues began in May. I was just saying that it's a shame.