Friday, December 12, 2008

December 12th snowfall update

I'm going to try and put out a snowfall update for the season each week.

As of December 12th:

2008-09 season - 69 cm
2007-08 season - 30 cm
Long term average - 35 cm

Still more than twice last year's amount and the official start to winter is over a week away.


Pete said...
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Pete said...

Rather than a weekly update, why not use the Praxis graphs; instead of having the x-axis as 24 hours, have it for the winter season, say Oct 1 to May 1 (we don’t usually have snow outside of those months). You could plot last year’s data as ‘yesterday’s’ data, as well as add a third line for the 30 year average (might just be steps of monthly long term averages?). Then we could see this winter grow above (or below) the line and know exactly where we stand every 15 minutes! Oh the excitement.

mike said...


Frank said...

Just to answer Pete's comment.

I'll look into making a plot every once in a while, but unfortunately the snowfall depth measurements are not measured automatically every 15 minutes like the other weather station data so we can't do the exact same kind of graph.