Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Third wettest year of all time

With the mixed bag of precipitation we saw on December 9th, the total precipitation for this year passed the 1064.6 mm recorded during 1986.

That means 2008 is now officially the third wettest year for this region since records began back in 1915.

But it will be a challenge to move up any higher as the second spot is currently held by 1940 with 1174.9 mm and the wettest year was in 1985 when 1186.4 mm was recorded.

As we would need another 100 mm in the three remaining weeks of the year to get to the top, we will probably have to happy with third place.

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Kuhny said...

Frank - with the 4 snowstorms of the past week, and some 15 mm rain expected Christmas Eve plus another big rain event on tap for the weekend, I think we may be challenging the old 2nd wettest year record, and may have a chance at getting close to the top! The next two systems will be drawing up lots of Gulf moisture, and are capable of >= 30 mm precipitation each!