Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Very snowy fall

Depending on how much of the forecasted snow we get this Friday, this fall could make it into the top three snowiest fall seasons since record keeping began back in 1915.

As of Wednesday morning we have had 75.5 cm of snow this fall.

Right now the top three are:
1950 - 114.5 cm
1951 - 105.5 cm
1921 - 81.0 cm


mike said...

I've read some discussion about the Friday event and some local storm chasers think this event will not be one for the books. In fact, some believe the storm might move too far south for anything significant to impact us here in KW.

But, I really don't know much about weather forecasting. Here's hoping for a Blizzard this Friday!


Michael said...

Looks like we have surpassed 1921, according to the unofficial 10am snowfall report this morning... and I can hardly see across the street out of my office window at 10:37am, so the blizzard is still going strong!

Frank said...

Yes we can now say that it is the 3rd snowiest fall ever.

Kuhny said...

It was fun issuing the winter storm warning for this storm, then waiting for it to come, and finally driving home into the whiteout conditions at the end of my shift!