Friday, February 27, 2009

The big cool down has started

It is forecasted to go from the high of 8.3°C at 5:30 am this morning down to -10°C by 7 pm.

Be careful walking out there as all of those puddles are going to turn into ice sheets pretty fast.


The temperature went from a high of 8.3°C at 5:30 am to -7.4°C at 4:30 pm.

During the day there was a drop of about 15 degrees in 8 hours.


Manfred said...

Hello Frank,
Could you or anyone there explain to me why there is a sharp dip in the incoming radiation graph at precisely 12:00 noon today and yesterday as repetatly in the recent past. I am really intrigued by this occurance and wonder what the answer could be, I am discounting a large cloud because of the timing!
Thank you in advance,
Manfred ;-)

Frank said...

I have added Manfred's question to the FAQ page: